Guides for Activities, Shops, and Restaurants at Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a place in Singapore that you cannot miss. Besides unique, this place also offers unforgettable experiences. That is why it is becomes one of the most favorite tourism destinations in Singapore. However, if you are interested to go there, you need to plan it properly. So, when you get there, you will not be confused what to do. There are many activities that you can do, shops to visit, and restaurants for eating. Therefore, you should pay attention to the Singapore Flyer guides below.

Activities to Do at Singapore Flyer

This place offers many exciting activities to do. Starts from level 1, you may get fun on a boat at Tourist and Transit Hub. Besides that, you can also you can also experience unforgettable adventure on a unique boat with Duck and Hippo Tours. If you like Formula One, Ultimate Drive will also be a good idea to try where you can experience driving like F1. On level 2, you can consider enjoying Flight experience, Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa, and XD Theater.

Shops to Visit at Singapore Flyer

If you want to buy something for gifts or souvenirs, you can go to level 2 and 3. On level 2, there is Nanka Crocodile Products. This shop is very luxurious and enjoyable. There are many products with high quality sold at this shop. For example, you can buy iPad cases, wallets, handbags, etc. The products are mostly made from exotic leather and crocodile skin. On level 3, you are offered with Singapore Flyer Gifts where you can buy many gifts and souvenirs there.

Restaurants at Singapore Flyer

If you feel hungry, you can eat at the restaurants available there. On level 1, there are 8 restaurants to visit. There are Sky View Kitchen, Singapore Food Trail, Jus Juice, Daily Kopi, Charmy, Subway, 7-Eleven, and Gelatissimo. There, you can choose one of the restaurants based on your desire depending on the menus offered.

Restaurants are also available on level 2 and 3. On the level 2 of Singapore Flyer, you can find Bayview Tandoor. It is a restaurant that offers Indian foods. The dishes are served with great combinations of spices. Then, on the level 3 you can go to Flyer Lounge. This restaurant is very chic, cozy, and exclusive. The main menu of this restaurant is cocktail that is well known with its delicious taste. This restaurant also has outdoor area so that you can eat while enjoying the beautiful views outside.


4 Important Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore Flyer


Singapore is a country that is full of beautiful places. Even though this country is not large, you will not be disappointed visiting Singapore. When you go to Singapore, it will be a good idea for you to visit Singapore Flyer. It is a beautiful place that becomes one of the most recommended Singapore tourism destinations. It is well known with its giant Ferris wheel. Why should you visit this place? There are many reasons that you need to know.

 It Is the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel

You may find a Ferris wheel in your country easily. However, where is the largest Ferris wheel over the world? The answer is in Singapore Flyer. Its height is similar to 42 stories of building. You can imagine it that it is around 30 meters higher than London Eye. Besides that, its value is about S$ 240 million. So, taking flight on it will give you unforgettable experience. So, you cannot miss it.

It Is the Only Place to Enjoy Beautiful Cityscape in Singapore

There are many places to see beautiful places in Singapore. However, you cannot enjoy beautiful cityscape in Singapore except you see it from Singapore Flyer. There, you will be offered with 360 degrees of historical and iconic views & landmarks from the Padang, Empress Place, Merlion Park, Raffles Place, Singapore River, and Marina Bay. You cannot find another place that can be used to see these beautiful places from the top. So, you must visit this place in Singapore.

You Can Enjoy Iconic Drinks and Attractions

In Singapore Flyer, there are many things that you can do. One of them is to enjoy iconic drinks. There are various iconic drinks available there so that your time will be enjoyable at this place while spending the day and enjoying the views. Besides that, there are many attractions that you can see there. One of the most popular attractions is 6D motion ride. It is the first in Singapore.

You Get Many Memorable Experiences

By visiting Singapore Flyer, there are many experiences that will be unforgettable. For example, you will experience memorable urban nature. Besides, you can also experience 1st real flight simulator in Singapore. Then, your toes will also be tickled by various fishes. In addition, you will also get some goods of Feng Shui. Overall, what it offers are very satisfying. Considering the reasons above, you cannot skip visiting this place if you go to Singapore.